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Online casino bonuses

Today, every online casino offers players its own original bonus system. The size of bonuses varies from very small to very generous. Each online casino has its own bonus program.

Bonuses – this is the money that the online casino provides registered users for a free game as a reward. Thus, bonuses, as well as the conditions for their receipt and wagering are combined into a single system, which is the bonus policy of online casinos. The main objectives of the bonus policy are to attract new users to the casino website and maintain interest in the game with a regular clientele.

What is a wager?

First, you need to clarify that bonuses are not charity. The player cannot withdraw “free” money from the account until the bonus is fully wagered according to the wager conditions. A wager is a number (x-time) that determines the amount of the total amount of bets, after which the bonus will be considered won back.

To understand the meaning of this definition is much simpler by example: the player received a bonus of /€$ 100 with a wager x10. To determine the total amount of bets, he needs to multiply the bonus by the wager (100 x 10 = 1000). Accordingly, under the terms of this online casino, a player must make a certain number of bets totaling €/$ 1000. The total amount of bets is the total amount of money that the player has placed throughout the game, and it does not matter how many bets he won or lost. The following are the main types of bonuses that are most often used in online casinos, their advantages and disadvantages.

Welcome Bonuses

The most common type of bonuses that are accrued to players for the first or next replenishment of an account. This can be a fixed amount, or a certain percentage of the payment made. The value of the fixed bonus and the amount of the minimum deposit that a player needs to make to his account is indicated in the terms of the welcome bonus program. For example, it looks like this: a bonus of €/$ 100 on a deposit of €/$ 50. The amount of the percentage bonus directly depends on the amount of the payment made. Each casino can set its own limit, indicating the minimum and maximum amount of a possible deposit. For example, a welcome bonus of 100% is charged on a deposit from €/$ 10 to €/$ 200.

Welcome bonuses must be won back, as well as no deposit bonuses. Only in the case of welcome bonuses, online casinos offer a lower wager and loyal game conditions. When choosing welcome bonuses, you need to calculate how much of your own funds you are supposed to spend fulfilling the conditions of the wager. If the payment amount exceeds the bonus amount, it is better to refuse “free” money. An advantageous bonus offer should have a high percentage of the deposit, a small wager, as well as minimum restrictions on terms, games, etc.

Welcome bonuses list is a good start at an Online Casino

A welcome bonus is what online casinos offer primarily to new players. Thus, the casino wants to show how loyal it is to new customers. This page contains a list of bonuses that we are constantly updating, and the ones listed above are the latest available. All of them are selected for you, so take a few minutes to browse our list of welcome bonuses and find the bonus offer that you find most attractive.