Reload Bonus

Reload Bonuses

Any casino from our list of online casinos is interested not only in expanding the audience of users of their sites but also in retaining regular players, which is one of the main tasks. Therefore, to increase the level of customer loyalty, a variety of bonus and reward systems are used. To do this, one of the types of rewards is often used for players who have long been registered on the online casino website, called the reload bonus.

This type of bonus can be classified as deposit, it is very similar to bonuses for the first and second deposits, but the difference is that reload bonuses can be received on an ongoing basis, for example, on a certain day of the week for the first deposit on this day, while the above – once upon opening an account on the site.

Usually, to receive the reload bonus, you must follow certain conditions. The most common of which is the statute of limitations for registering a user on an online casino website or the size of the deposit. The main task of the reload bonus is to increase the bankroll of regular customers of online casinos. This approach gives great chances to keep the audience, not “letting” their guests in a competing casino.

How to get a reload bonus?

We advise you to carefully study the sections that are usually called “Bonuses and Promotions” or something like that on sites. There you can find comprehensive information on the conditions for receiving rewards. But the simplest way is our site, where you will always find a selection of the latest reload bonuses and related bonus codes, as well as a description and terms of use.

Also, an online casino may independently offer you to receive this type of bonus to increase your confidence level or when opening a second deposit (often depends on its amount). Such a gift makes it possible to increase a bankroll well or get a certain amount of free spins, which can well affect the size of your winnings in a good casino.

So what do you need to get this bonus? Each casino may have its own rules, but most often the requirements are similar:

  • the player must have an open deposit on the gaming site, its amount may be minimal (each site has its own requirements for the size of the minimum deposit);
  • the amount of bets that you made should be fixed;
  • compliance with the minimum number of bets for the possibility of withdrawing money from a personal account or, as players call it, a wager;
  • you can get a bonus at the casino by depositing the amount of money indicated in the rules to the gaming account;
  • the player also has the opportunity to receive a reload bonus when replenishing a deposit account through a specific banking system for payment (indicated in the rules for receiving a bonus);
  • make a minimum deposit on a specific day of the week.

As you can see, the conditions for receiving a reload bonus in a casino are pretty simple. But you need to remember, reload bonus has its expiration date, so be careful, otherwise it will simply burn. This type of casino bonus accrual is the most profitable for the player because the amount of his bankroll can gradually grow several times.